Ultrafine Machine

Ultrafine Machine

Ultrafine Pulveriser is a unique machine and most important for Guar Gum Industry. It is a size reduction or grinding unit including feed inlet pipe, Pulveriser, outlet pipe, Cyclone, and Dust Collector. The Guar Split flakes entering through inlet are carried upward by the airflow generated through bottom blower and it is in spiral motion, so it is abraded between the Liner & moving Beaters and comes out through outlet in the form of fine powder: which is further sent to the Tube Dryer or the Cyclone as per process requirement. From Cyclone it is sent for screening.

Application In:

Guar flour, tamarind kernel powder (TKP) and their derivatives. Cellulose and starch derivatives, to grind pulses and cereals, chemicals, feed and minerals.

Preventive Measures

  • Check the nut-bolts periodically and if found loose, tighten them.
  • Put grease once in a month in the bearing housing.
  • If any abnormal noise is heard; stop the machine and check at various points.
  • Check the position and status of beaters and liner and if it is worn out, replace or reset them.
  • Use VFD for smooth start-up of the machine and let it start at low RPM to reduce the torque and load on motor.
  • If the machine is found very hot, stop it for some time and check the chocking up in connected lines or jamming etc. After getting normal temperature, restart it again.   


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